Art Direction - Brand Identity - Website Design

The idea was to develop 2 logos/brand identities.  One for the venue itself called ‘Andermatt Concert Hall’ which should not include a musical reference but rather a reference from the architecture of the hall or the use of a unique architectural feature while still incoporating the mountains outline as done with Andermatt main destination logo and should be also featured in the Andermatt Music logo.  ‘Andermatt Music’ is the name of the entity that will run all the musical programmes/festivals in the concert hall.  This is the logo that should include reference to music in its brand identity. Andermatt Music will bring the top in classical and orchestral music to the alps. Please also try to use same mountain outline as used in main Andermatt logo (same thickness, a bit finer than what you have proposed perhaps).

Both logos should have similar brand identity with just one symbol/element to differentiate them (something musical vs something architectural).

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